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Go listen to the band One Ok Rock, they're amazing!!

Someone told me today that me liking rock music and wearing a lot of black is just a phase, a stage of being a teenager.
I found it actually very offensive and got a bit angry.
They then continued to say "Oh yeah my girls went through it and you will too" and continued to explain at how it was just them trying to be rebellious, different or cool.
I like rock music and wearing these kinds of cloths because I genuinely like it! I wear cool punk cloths not to make other people see me as cool but because I think they're cool and I wanna wear them.
Yeah that doesn't prove that this isn't just a phase and I'll move on to liking girly stuff and 1D and JB and whatever.
But NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS do I see myself becoming that. I loathe 1D, JB, dresses and purses with 100% of my being.
And this 'phase' started even before I became a teenager, I'm just acting more upon it now because I have the resources [my own laptop to download music, knowledge of which stores to shop at, getting a job for money, etc.]
What started it was my discovery of animation, which opened me up to animators with a bit of a dark side. I idolized Flightfoorwarrior / XxFlightFeathersxX / Unpleasant Pheasant in my early animating days and in her videos I found "Monster" by Skillet and a few other awesome songs. "Monster" by Skillet was the song that started it for me and I still love that song to this day. My personality fit perfectly with the rock music and listening to the lyrics I was sitting there like "Where has this been all my life!?" and "Those stupid songs on the radio don't have meaningful lyrics like this!!!" I looked around Skillet songs mostly, then moving on to TFK, then Linkin Park, Evanescence, Paramore, Hollywood Undead, Icon For Hire, Pierce The Veil, Devour The Day, Fall Out Boy, Of Mice And Men....
Looking back I always had a bit of a dark side. I hated the meaningless romance songs my mom listens to [I mean seriously it's all the same...they're either talking about being soo in love with someone, sex, or breaking up with someone]. I started writing books and stuff around the time I turned 8 and when I was 9 I remember writing a book about two kids getting lost in a swamp and getting burned to death, then later a book about a girl who had her arm cut off and going after the guys who did it.
I love this kind of dark genre because it has meaning, it shows that this world is not our definition of paradise, that it may be crappy and there are issues but there is still hope. It's reality, the darkness in this world that everyone overlooks and replaces with sex and dance songs. But you also have to remember that there is always hope, and by not being blind to it you have the chance to fix it. This world is already perfect, it has a balance of good and evil and with free will you get to choose. Just because I love darkness and violence doesn't make me a bad person, a sadist, or a devil worshipper. I'm an embracer of reality and I also want to be tough and break free from the stereotypical weak innocent girl. "Reality" doesn't mean hope doesn't exist, it doesn't mean that because you can't see it it doesn't exist or that miracles can't happen. Reality is our world, our existence and everything around it, the good and the bad. Illusion is being blind to one of the sides. Everything that happens, everything that exists is reality. So if a miracle happens to you, consider it a reality =3
Got carried away there but I really don't want to be a phase because I love this lifestyle. I'm not doing this for a reason other than that I love this stuff and it suites me.

On another note about religious misconception [from both Christians and doubters/non-believers]
I hate it when people tell me "Oh, well if God is so great why does he let so much bad stuff happen? Why did he make the devil?"
You can't have good without bad.
An Earth where everything meets our definition of "paradise" can not exist. Yeah that's what God intended in the beginning but God gave us free choice and in doing that we changed our world's destiny.
Now you're probably thinking "Well then why do we have free choice? The world would be perfect without it."
Oh okay, didn't know you prefer being a mindless zombie controlled by God. God is love, and he loves us enough to let us make our own choices. It's like with parents. You can choose to do something great and make your parents very happy or you could be a rebel.
"My mom died of cancer, it's God's fault and I hate Him for it!!!"
Shut up. Just shut. the f. up. Read the dang Bible, or at least Genesis. In the beginning God made the world and humans for us to never die, never get sick, and live perfect lives. He wanted Earth to be another section of heaven. If you want to blame someone for your loved one dying, getting sick, killed, robbed, etc, blame humanity. [I'm not saying lose faith in it, there is always good out there.] Satan tempted Eve and Eve went along with it. It's because of those two your mom died of cancer. So go and blame them!
Anyway we turned our little sector of heaven in to Earth. Earth is a place between heaven and hell.
Never say "Oh Earth is hell." or "Earth is heaven."
It's between the two, and if you want to see a bit more of hell, be rude, cruel and wicked.
If you want to see more of heaven, be nice, have and open mind and a positive attitude.

My friend also said something a few months ago.
He said: "You're just Christian to get into heaven, just for the reward."
Heaven is NOT a reward.
It's a CHOICE!
I choose to be good and go to heaven. If heaven is what they say it is, who in their right mind doesn't want to go there!?
Sure yeah hell seems tempting to my dark side but believe me I'll be thankful later on that I chose heaven.
Free will everyone.
You have a choice.
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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hello person who bothers to read this =3

Call me Glitch or Wave

In my opinion I am the worst artist to ever have existed, and almost everything makes me feel like I'm not good enough. I do have some depression issues but as long as people ignore them I'm fine with being emo. I am also bi, which my mom won't believe until I tell her I have kissed another girl.

I write, draw and animate certain stories. I come up with stories fairly easily but to save having too many stories I like to clump my ideas into the stories I already have, constantly adding to them and changing a few details. Whichever of my stories is my favourites depends, because I change favourites all the time.
Here are the synopses of my main stories.


Fragile realms of powerful beings lie just beyond Earth's dimension. Chaos and darkness brews among them and with only four realms left out of thousands, the times seem bleak. Times are extremely tough for Glace realm guardian Mavi Guyatt as lays his life on the line time after time for the sake of his realm, as well as dealing with loss and grief. But the worse has only just started, and a shocking new discovery reveals that the afterlife, both heaven and hell, have vanished.
Will be an animated series that's coming soon =D

First book of the Waivins trilogy.
On a distant planet called Undred, Waivins are the dominant species, and have been separated into two Clans for hundreds of years. Former soldier and assassin of the Kasuk Clan, Jeon Tarano avoids his past in any way he can. When his close friend and cousin Chiora comes to town with a new mission for him, he gladly accepts it to help him keep his mind off the things he left behind. But the mission of saving Emer Lya from the enemy, the Serin Clan, only draws him closer to his past. With Emer's help, he tries to convince his Clan of the dangerous new creatures he's seen lurking in the dark, hoping someone will believe him.
Will be a movie =3

Second book of the Waivins trilogy.
Jeon's suspicions were correct, but it's too late. Undred has fallen to the creatures known as Paraters. The Serin Clan fled with their advanced technology to build a safe city on the planet's moon, leaving the Kasuk Clan to face the Paraters alone. Nine hundred years later and the Serin descendants of Gavarsi city don't know whether or not there are still Waivins on the planet they left behind. Testing his new jet prototype, scientist Landon Cobalt and his friend the pilot Reemeson Tefaut fly down to Undred's surface. When the ship crashes down they are stuck in the barren wasteland. Getting into a fight with a hostile Kasuk Clan descendant, both him and Reemeson are killed. Landon surviving, blames himself for the whole mess. In a failed attempt to bring Reemeson back with the little technology available, Landon sets off to try and survive in the unforgiving terrain. Found by another Kasuk descendant, Pheo Kasuk, he learns that the Kasuk Clan is still alive and strong as ever, thriving despite the infestation of Paraters. Pheo and Landon travel across the planet towards Pheo's home city but Landon soon realizes a threat lying deep inside of him, making him a danger to everyone around including himself.

Third book of the Waivins trilogy.
Landon Cobalt, returned to Gavarsi city, has been away from Pheo for a year and deeply misses her. Now the head of the lab and part of the city's government, he begins a project to return the Waivins of Gavarsi city back to their rightful home on Undred with the Kasuks. Their project of building a new lab down on Undred is interrupted by Paraters and it's clear they need to get rid of the Paraters before they could ever hope to rebuild civilization. Using the same way he used to bring Reemeson back to life, he decides to bring back the only Waivin to ever kill a Parater, Jeon Tarano, to life. The Clan rivalry breaks, and Kasuks and Serins fight together against Aik and the Paraters, following under Jeon's lead once again.

Side book of the Waivins trilogy.
After betraying his Clan and family, Corosse Kasuk has nowhere left to go. Left to wander alone, he finds that the Parater inside him has a much longer lifespan than any Waivin ever could. Forced to live hundreds of years, he watches as the whole world he's known falls apart, but as it also slowly rebuilds itself. With hope on the horizon, he is forced to make a decision, follow under Aik's rule, or give himself up to the beast inside him.

Side book of the Waivins trilogy.
Iiula Kasuk, one of the only Waivins left after the Parater apocalypse, does her best to survive after the death of most of her family. The Kasuk Clan is gone, and her father's wish for her to rebuild it seems like an impossible task.
Maruck is a proud Phiagi with a strong reputation in the Kiam Tribe. But Phiagies are also troubled greatly by the threat of Paraters. After scandals and deceits cloud his name, he abandons the Tribe and along with Iiula, he rekindles the long lost bonds between Waivin and Phiagi.

A story that follows the Waivins trilogy.
A new army is being trained at the Kyolle military center on Undred, trained specifically for outer space combat. Among them is undercover officer Ryadju Meokon. Barely halfway through their training they get their first outer space mission to a space station, where they are met with a terrifying discovery. Planets are being blown up by the dozens, without a clue as to who's behind it or the reasoning. Following patterns, the fleet goes back out to planets they guess will be hit next. Planet by planet, they get closer to find the cause of the destruction, but the danger is not just from the outside. Ryadju's job becomes tougher when he realizes that almost everyone aboard the ship has a secret to keep, each more deadly than the last.
Will be an animated series after Glace and the Waivins movie

After a run in with a city full of vampires, Jax Taribury [human], Katricina White [lycan] and Anothian Milov [pessima] are not about to give up the chase. Creating the MSA, Mortal Slayer Alliance, the continue to hunt the dark creatures of the night. Demons, vampires, sirens, zombies and most terrifying of all, daumnies. Busy fighting against the growing strength of a daumni gang, something lies in the dark and has a plan for Anothian and the other species royals.


Internationally famous rock singer Roa Jarasen is not the easiest person to kidnap, and not just because she'll have the whole world looking for her if she goes missing. The gun-slinging 22 year old finds herself putting her singing career on hold and having to go off the grid to save her life. A dark agency is after her, and not only that, she has to drag young Caleb around with her. Fighting for their lives, Roa and Caleb discover that their shared secret could end time and the world as they know it.


Find me on other sites!

YouTube: WaveOfReedLake

Wattpad: CobaltSkull
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Minecraft: Mavi_Ookami

Steam: GlitchCode

Soul Takers: Akaru

Warrior Cats Forums: 2010Iceflight


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