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in case anyone [ahemimagenedscarsahem] is interested in some of the songs related to Pessima [and Anothian =3]

Creature Feature - Bad Blood
[The main mystery / premise of the story, about Anothian's destiny and the blood of the royals]

Daughter - Youth
[basically just about the fact that most of the main characters are teenagers and the stuff they go through]

Dionysos - Tais Toi Mon Coeur [French]
[kinda how Anothian feels about Katricina, and also has to do with one part where Katri loses her memories]

Florence And The Machine - Only If For A Night
[Anothian dreaming of his dead mother, when he was a kid and back when she was alive]

Florence And The Machine - Shake It Out
[Mostly from the music video, the characters go to a banquet / formal dance or whatever, and also Marshall the demon after the royals and Blaze possessing Anothian]

The Hush Sound - Sweet Tangerine
[Same as the Dionysos song, Ano feeling rejected an abandoned]

Kyo - Pardonne [French]
[Anothian's past, dealing with his parents dying and his aunt and uncle arguing all the time and getting a divorce [after his parents die they raise him]]

Kyo - Le Chemin [French]
[the hate-love relationship with Ano and Katri]

Modest Mouse - Dashboard
[Ano and Katri argue a lot, and at 2 points in the story they actually do get in a car crash]

P!ATD - Miss Jackson
[Anothian and Lisa]

P!ATD - Trade Mistakes
[Ano x Katri]

P!ATD - Camisado
[The second car crash, really sad times where most of them end up in the hospital]

P!ATD - The Calendar
[The characters in general, and them all being good friend. Just happy times =3]

P!ATD - Sarah Smiles
[Anothian and Lisa]

P!ATD - The End Of All Things
[The super sad ending of the story...or is it the end? *grin*]

P!ATD - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
[Anothian getting back and everyone gossiping about where he was for 3 years. Also him spazzing over his uncle trying to make him get married X3]

Paramore - Misery Business
[Katri vs Lisa]

The Ramsus - Dead Promises

Seether ft Amy Lee - Broken
[Ano x Katri, when Ano dies and he's just a ghost

Thousand Foot Krutch - Step To Me
[Anothian pretty much saying "I flippin dare you!" to Marshall]
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Hello person who bothers to read this =3

Call me Glitch or Wave

In my opinion I am the worst artist to ever have existed, and almost everything makes me feel like I'm not good enough. I do have some depression issues but as long as people ignore them I'm fine with being emo. I am also bi, which my mom won't believe until I tell her I have kissed another girl.

I write, draw and animate certain stories. I come up with stories fairly easily but to save having too many stories I like to clump my ideas into the stories I already have, constantly adding to them and changing a few details. Whichever of my stories is my favourites depends, because I change favourites all the time.

This story is a bit confusing with so many different characters and sub stories. This is more a chronology than a set story, over time different heroes and villains pop up and change. It used to be called The Glace Realm Legends and the story continues on and spans over multiple generation, but since most of the characters are immortal a few of the main ones stay constant. Some characters you may have seen me draw are Mavi, Morior, James, Shade, Terri, Ripex, Dreamer, Cavic, GlitchCode, WaveWatcher, Sullus and Ulrich.

Originally supposed to be a book trilogy I dropped writing the books for now and went to focus on animating the first book as a movie. So far production has been very slow because I'm not putting in too much time on it. It's my first science fiction story, and about another / other planet[s] and species. The main species are Waivins and this story as well goes over quite a few generation. It goes from the past, Clans and wars and stuff, to the future with technology and space travel. The main characters are mostly male, which I noticed recently. Some of the characters you may know are Jeon, Corosse, Chiora, Landon, Crime, Akaru and Emer.

A dark and Halloweeny story that was originally based after a few Creature Feature songs that eventually grew to an awesome paranormal yet normal everyday life story. After Pause, this is the only other current story I have that is fully set in the modern day urban world, but with a supernatural twist on it. Glace is about fantasy and other realms, and Waivins is about space and other planets. This one the characters drive cars, go to school, etc. The twist is that everything in folklore and stories exists, vampires, shifters, demons, faeries, ghosts, etc. This story still has some gaps in it but the characters are some of my favourites and they have very realistic personalities. Some characters you might know are Anothian, Katricina, Nomens, Jax and Annabell.
There is a Pessima book on Wattpad ->>…

Death Letters was based after the classic heart-warming war story and mainly on my interest in WWII. The countries in the war are fake and made up, to avoid possibly offending anyone or dealing with real political and geographical barriers in story details. This is a very sad and most realistic story of all. It is set around the 1960s to 1980s where cellphones and computers and stuff exist, but are not that common. Also the military technology is getting closer to our modern day stuff. This story is the only story I have the doesn't have any form of powers, abilities, magic, futuristic tech or supernatural stuff. Some characters you might know from this are Rett, Heather and Reena.

My only post-apocalyptic type story, disease starts in North America so to avoid the whole world being infected, a huge barrier is place around Canada and the USA, trapping them in so the fatal disease can die out without harming the rest of the world. over 70 years have past since the barriers have gone up and most of North America's population are dead from the disease. The disease has died out and everyone still alive is perfectly healthy, but they have forgotten that there is a world beyond the barrier, and believe that the whole world is gone. Scientists in fear of seeing humanity end take in a bunch of teenagers to a city and use them to practice the art of cloning in order to bring back the race they believe is almost gone. Some of the characters you might know are Charlotte, Lucas and Narimi.

This story is realistic and set in modern day times, the only twist is that the main characters have the abilities to pause time. Because of their powers, the time-pausers are being hunted down. The only character you'll know from this so far is Roa.


Find me on other sites!

YouTube: WaveOfReedLake

Wattpad: GlacierWolf

Minecraft: Mavi_Ookami

Steam: GlitchCode

Soul Takers: Akaru Novamek

Warrior Cats Forums: 2010Iceflight



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