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Hello person who bothers to read this =3

Call me Wave or Glitch

I am an animator as well as an artist and a bit of an author, but mostly animator.

I started out creating stories that needed a medium so my first choice was author but I'm not such a great writer in my opinion. I had very little interest in drawing or becoming an author because I thought I wanted to be someone who's name became known, someone famous but not in an actor / singer way. The idea of becoming an animator never crossed my mind because my name would just be in some movie credits and no one would ever care who I was. I discovered animating when I was 12 and that's what got me to start drawing because if you want to be a 2D animator you need to be able to draw. Now I use animation as an outlet for my stories and I plan on doing animation for the rest of my life.

So if you've made it this far and you want to know about some of the stories I've come up with keep reading.


(First of the Waivins trilogy)

(Second of the Waivins trilogy)

(Third of the Waivins trilogy)

(Set one or two centuries after Parater, not part of the Waivins trilogy)
Undred is a utopia of advanced technology and trips to deep space are nothing. The waivins get a report one day that multiple planets have been completely destroyed and a new enemy has arrived in their section of the universe. The waivins recruite suspects from around Undred who might know about the enemy, and tell them that they're going to work for the army. While training, the suspects are watched to see if they know anything important. When the suspects are the only available group of the army to go to space and confront the coming enemy, secrets start to come out and if they don't learn enough information the mission might be compromised from within.






Find me on other sites!

YouTube: WaveOfReedLake

Wattpad: GlitchCode83

Minecraft: Mavi_Ookami

Steam: GlitchCode

Soul Takers: Akaru

Warrior Cats Forums: 2010Iceflight


Mweor: #142223
found out what scene is
Now for some basic definitions

EMO - may not be depressed but are pretty depressing people with deep emotions and a mostly black, dark style. Not very creative but write poetry and stuff sometimes. Music is usually softcore or emotional hardcore. (Which is a level lower that rock)

SCENE - People who share a similar obsession and love of music as emos, but are more like "happy emos", the ones who wear bright vivid colours and have their hair dyed 50 different colours with leopard print extensions and an overall huge poof of hair on top. Just look up 'emo girl hairstyles' in google images and you'll see some.

PUNK - People who like rock and hardcore stuff, are less deep and are more about partying, being rebellious, and overall just live on the wild side. They like leather jackets, mohawk hairstyles, dying hair unnatural colours, etc.

GOTH - Like emos they embrace the darker side of life and while they are still deep, are funny, creative, artistic, and nice people to be around. They're not all depressed and are much more creative in their style than emos, most of their colour scheme based off of black or white with a few bright colours every so often. They share some similarities with punk due to the fact that they came from that style and they also like to dress in some victorian or medieval styles.

By these definitions I'm just gonna say I'm emo-punk. Goth fits me well but I don't really like any goth music.


Now a lot of people want to find identity, want to belong in a group and stuff while other people will say "just be you" etc, etc.
For most people it's a matter of belonging but for me it's basically just so I can give people the jist of what I am in one word.
I'm mainly talking about the emo, punk, goth, and scene crowds. There is a lot of debate over what means what and what qualifies you as part of what group. First of all I do want to point out one thing that is 100% certain, which is that 'emo' IS NOT synonymous with being depressed or cutting yourself.
At the end of 10th grade some guy came over and talked to me and my friends in class. He noticed the kind of music I was listening to and said "Oh so you're like one of those scene girls?" Never having heard of 'scene' before (and still not knowing much about it) he explained that emos are depressed people who self-mutilate and scene people are like emo posers or emos who don't cut themselves. Now I know that is completely wrong and it is not a requirement that you cut yourself to be emo. Depression and emo often go hand in hand but not all emos are depressed and not all depressed people are emo.
For the 'scene' group I still have almost no clue what that is. Personally I consider scene to be complete bullcrap and have nothing to do with the emo, punk and goth crowds. I place them under the posers category.
I consider myself mostly emo but I do fall under the "all of the above" category. I like pretty much all the music from the emo, goth and punk groups. My Chemical Romance, Icon For Hire, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Slipknot, Hollywood Undead, TFK, Good Charlotte, Panic! At The Disco, Linkin Park, Alesana, Blink 182, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, Mindless Self Indulgence, Broken Iris, Chiodos, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Devour The Day (I made this list a bit too long =p) I don't like screamo though, it's just senseless yelling to me if they don't have any actual lyrics.

I honestly think punk, goth and emo should just fall under one major group that we can just identify ourselves as.
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